Face Lift!

As the seasons change and hopefully my blogging stops sucking so hardcore (I make no promises though) I thought it was about time for the oohgioia blog to finally get a face lift.

I know Internet, it has been a while, and for that I am deeply sorry… and well have a list of excuses.

1. Work has Schooled me Hardcore

So it turns out, when I got hired on, my work load increased by at least 100%. It was insane, I went from doing nothing all day, to wondering where the day went each day. Though, I suppose it is nothing to complain about, more work is better then no work… just worse for my blogging life.

2. Buying a House

I was convinced once the stress of purchasing a house was over I would be able to lean back in my comfy new house and blog all the time. Wrong. Home ownership has incorporated more upfront then I imagined – a new AC unit, toilet repairs and apparently I should have smoke detectors?

It has hands down been the best last three months ever. My stress level has been way down, despite everything else. I have argued less, been extremely more positive and all around more happy. I love owning my own home, despite all the flaws the house may have and all the expenses it may come with.

3. Brain Pain

So as the work load picked up so did the daily pain I was in. There I sat, at work, in so much pain I was ready to cry. I tried drinking more water, looking away from the screen and taking pain meds. When nothing seemed to work, I decided it was finally time, after over ten years, to get my eyes checked.

Turns out I should have gone sooner, after years of amazing eye site, I couldn’t make out the letters on the wall ahead. I made the best of it, laughing afterwords about how I swore I saw a euro sign on the wall (it was really an e then a z). In all honesty, I wanted to cry, I still kind of want to cry. I don’t hate my glasses…. oh yeah, they decided I needed reading glasses… seeing with them is so simple and great, but it is crushing that I can’t see without them any more. The moment that I could no longer see the letters crushed me, never had that happened before, yet there I sat staring at the wall of letters barely able to make anything out.

As disappointing as it is, not having drive-you-to-tears headaches any more is one of the most amazing things ever, and I really hope that it will lead me back down the blogging path again.

4. I was enjoying my life without the computer

With so much added time on the computer at work, I found my self so deterred from logging in at home. With my upcoming job situation, it might very well be the case again soon (lets just say I have been informed I have at least one week of 8 am to 7 pm days) it is my goal to not fall of the face of the blogging-sphere again…I make no promises though.

Internet, I hope you will take my drunken apology, but please know it really is sincere.

3 thoughts on “Face Lift!

    1. Days off are nice. I will get another day and a half in November for my best friends wedding. I can not wait, I am not sure where the summer went, but hopefully I will find time to enjoy this fall.

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