Six Floors & Love

To wrap up the summer, which had been over taken by the cost of home improvements & hours upon hours of work, it was time for a day trip & sleep over.

A day taken off work, my smallest best friend at my side and an adventure ahead of us – Margaret and I were off.

Let the Adventure Begin:Metro Ride

Soon the world of DC was at our toes and our sense of direction was even further off

After wondering a mile in the wrong direction, we were finally making our way down the correct path. Little did we know, but the group that pasted us moments earlier could lead us right to where we were going.
**Side Note – The Walk Option on the GPS is not the best to use and I blame our confusion on that**

The group in the green shirts lead us right to our destination

Finally we were there. Six floors of love & my smallest best friend at my side, the day was destine to be fabulous.

Hello Newseum.

So Freaking Excited

With more exhibits then we had time to see, Margaret and I dashed around each floor gravitating to each of the different displays.

For me, the Newseum might as well be heaven. I loved it… I love it and cannot wait to go back. The Newseum was six floors of amazing, a dream come true.

We started our day that the wall that separated a country, The Berlin Wall. I tried explaining to Margaret how the wall keep people apart, that some people had to live on one side, while everyone else was on the other. We talked about how bad things were back then and looked at devastating photos. I showed her the plains flying over head to deliver food to the other side of the wall, and the small boy hungry boy watching. Margaret told me she was glad the wall came down and that someone told them all to be friends, and you know what, so I am.





Then we were off to the land of cartoon strips, a hallway of color, wonder and history that failed to really amazing Margaret. Despite that, I had to make sure I snapped this photo for my Dad.






Soon enough we were back on track, as Margaret was aw stuck by the History of Pennsylvania Avenue display.






Margaret blew me away with her excitement about all of the old historic news papers. In a room full of hundreds upon hundreds of old, yellowed pages sealed in boxes, the kid could not be any more amazed. She would pull out a drawer, point out something interesting she saw and was almost always was sure it warranted a picture.






And then of course, one of Margaret’s favorite parts about it all, the interactive section. I am sure we spent nearly an hour in this one display, taking check-in photos, looking for them on scree, making our own news papers, learning about YouTube (looking for Uncle Jared), learning about J. Biebes and playing motion games. It was an amazing display about where our technology has taken us and how all these “petty” things, like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, have really had a monumental impact on the world we live in.



We even had the opportunity to make news of our own.



Before we knew it, the Newseum was making their friendly closing announcement, reminding everyone to stop by their two story gift shop and it was time for us to make our way out.





It is no wonder your pass is good for two days, the were things to look at everywhere – and by everywhere, I mean everywhere, when the bathrooms. It is easy to say I know I didn’t see everything as we barely made it through each floor & did not make a pit stop in each restroom, but everything we did see was amazing.






Soon we were heading back to the metro to begin our journey home for a sleep over. A sleep over to be complete with McDonalds for dinner, Sherk 3D to be watched, Pre-K graduation photo videos to dance to, popcorn that was to be popped and eaten and of course a movie the keep us all us till nearly midnight.

Margaret pulled out her doctors kit, took a listen to my heart and told me, “Your heart says, ‘Margaret and Heather will always be best friends and they will always have matching t-shirts.‘” I think she heard it just right.




And of course no sleep over would be complete without a sweet treat in the morning.

Check out more photos from Margaret and I on Adventure HERE.

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