This October has been busy and filled with wedding planning, dress fittings, wedding attending, bridal showers and more. The joy of watching two families blend into one really put a damper on my spooky October.

Halloween 2006: I went trick or treating at a trailer park, with my pregnant co-worker who was dressed up as a Hooters girl & little brother.

Halloween 2007: We decided it was a great idea to break a ton of glow sticks on me. My amazing friend Katrina is sweeping the glass off.
I think this was the first time I actually drank under age, and yes in 2007 I was under age

Halloween 2011: Margaret and I decided we would get matching costumes and were partners in crime collecting candy.

Halloween 2011: Jared and I carved some pretty sweet pumpkins.

And dressed up as Peter Parker & a cat.

As for Halloween 2012, well the best I have for you is the latest Silly Stupid Time, once again filmed in my humble abode.

With 10 o’clock looming around the corner, it is time for me to curl up on the couch and end my Halloween with the new episode of The American Horror Story.

Happy Halloween All.

Halloween Early to Mid 90’s: My little brother and I ready for our night of trick or treating.

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