Christmas Challenge – Year Two

Its that wonderful time of the year again. That time of the year when Christmas lights keep neighborhoods lit until late into the evening. That time of year when everyone (well almost everyone) seems to have a tad more cheer then any other time of the year. It is Christmas time again.

With all of the Christmas glory on the way, the days leading up to December first I asked myself, “do I really want to take the Christmas Challenge again this year?

There were and are more reasons to reject the challenge this year, to stand back and say I forfeit. This year has been busy and never quite really slowed down. With only 30 days left until the end of the year & the Christmas season upon us, I am in great doubt it will get any better. However, despite the mayhem I have decided that this year I accept my Christmas Challenge.

For any one who missed the holiday fun last year, here is how it works: I challenge myself to post one holiday related post every day from today, December 01, until Christmas. My post will be holiday related and my goal will always be to focus on the positive in the holiday cheer.

Like last year – I am claiming this post as my first Christmas Challenge post. I am sure that I will have at least one holiday rant as the stresses of the season get to me. And, I will do my best to post everyday… just remember that is part of my challenge.

Here is to a glorious holiday season & successfully Christmas Challenge.

Happy Holidays

On behalf of Jared and myself, we wish you all an amazing Christmas and holiday season.

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