Secret Santa brings Hope to the East Coast

I was listing to the radio the other morning when a the reported on a miraculous man traveling trough the beaten and tattered areas of New York and New Jersey. This man’s generosity is beyond lengths of belief, this man’s kind heart changed the lives of others.

This Secret Santa from Kansas City made his way to people in need like he does every December to kick off the holiday cheer delivering $100 bills to people in need.

Read more about this breath taking Secret Santa’s stops in New York and New Jersey, where Super Storm Sandy has left families in more need then they could have ever imagined this holiday season on by clicking HERE.

Secret Santa from Kansas City, if you by chance ever stumble across this – know that I thank you for your kind generosity  for giving to people, for believing in humanity and doing the right thing. You have left me in awe and desiring to one day be in a place where I can do something as amazing as you. I hope that you, your family and your friends have a wonderful holiday season. You have touched the lives of many all around.

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