It was a long and joyous season, my first Christmas season in my house, my new home.

Thanksgiving day Jared & I picked out our first Christmas tree. That night, after all the dinners were eaten , we set it up.

Our First Christmas Tree

The holiday season was different then it ever has been before. For the first time in a while the joy of the holidays, the love and the cheer prevailed above all. The concern about the account balance in the bank and the gifts we needed to buy was non existent. That stress that was present last Christmas from the idea that I needed to get the “perfect” gift to match what someone might be getting me never crossed my mind.

Christmas Center Piece

This year, I drove down the back streets to my new home and enjoyed all of the Christmas lights. This year, I played the same Christmas CD in my car over and over, or at least until my CD player refused to play it any more. This year I smiled as Santa in the mall, while wondering around with my little brother just because.

This year, I decorated. I “made” a center piece, I put out small boxes, had gifts covering the mantel and more under the tree. This year, we bought a strand of lights, yes a strand, and put them up outside. This year we had friends over and gathered for Mario Kart 64 and stories by Margret around the tree.

Christmas Lights Out Front

This year I hosted my first Christmas.

The Jamieson clan, all who are like family, joined Jared and I at our new humble abode for some holiday joy. I was amazing, all of the gifts under the tree, the array of paper scattered through the living room and best of all,the excitement on Margaret’s face as she continued to find the gifts Uncle Jared and Heather had placed under the tree for her.

The spirit of Christmas had really made it into out home, and it wasn’t even December 24.

Christmas Eve I Skyped with my Mom in Florida.

Christmas faces

Christmas morning I sent Jared on a Christmas scavenger hunt and sprung to my feet like a small child opening their gift from Santa when I opened the Coach purse he had gotten me. (He tricked me with a small box under the tree, at first it was the only thing for me. My hopes were set high that the small box contained my prized ring. Needless to say my reaction wasn’t so grand when I opened it and found my new Triforce necklace inside.)


That afternoon we spent Christmas at my Dad’s house. I bought my little brother Jagger & Moonshine. We all laughed at his wimpy attempt to take a sip & then the faces he made when he finally got the Moonshine down.

The cheer continued thought the end of December, as we gathered with great friend’s to ring in the New Year.

A few tequila shots, flip cup rounds & Jagger bombs later, I had the Bieber Fever as we got ready for the balloon drop to end 2012 the same way we rang it in.

When I was younger, I was convinced how you spent your New Years Eve would dictate the rest of your year. Here’s hoping like last yer, 2013 contains the same amazing friends with just a hint, okay maybe a splash or so, of tequila.

Happy New Year! 2013!

To a new year & new adventures – both big and small.

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