Tonight I learned I don’t accept well to others footing the bill, or to be more specific, with Jared footing the bill

As we stood at the counter “ready” to order, my blood rose standing there looking at the prices, considering just why we were there… those damn Cool Ranch Doritos tacos. The four dollar difference between the meal and the single taco, didn’t seem worth it. But lets be honest, that’s not what this is really about. This is about us being out for dinner, me not paying and my gut twisting into knots as my brain seems to slip away searching for the cheapest thing. This is about me not paying.

Maybe it is just me though. A strange over powering need to control things or a twisted sense that I have to provide everything. Maybe it is me, maybe I have walked so far down the path of being the supporter that I forget what it is like to have someone else support me.

But, honestly – is that a bad thing? 

The irony of it all, Miss Independent spilled through the speakers over head… the taco was delicious by the way.


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