Big is Beautiful

I can’t remember the last time I saw an advertisement displaying a beautiful large strong female… or any large female for that fact. Thinking back to walking past the stores dedicated to these women, I don’t recall a single image showing how fabulous the clothing looks on them, just glitzy signs letting me know they carry larger sizes.

The idea that skinny is the only beautiful is ridiculous.AF Couple

And sure, that might be easy for me to say, as I sit here in my petite pants, still buying tops from the girls clothing section and slightly terrified of ever being fat. But the truth is, I’ve seen some stunning larger ladies that go to show that working what you have and knowing you are beautiful inside and out is all that is needed.

Jes recently sent a public letter to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO which included photos from her Attractive & Fat photo shoot.

Parodying the stereo-typical Abercombie & Fitch advertisements, Jes is captured in Abercrombie clothing modeling with a gorgeous male… and her photos are stunning. Not only is she beautiful, but she is strong and more comfortable in her skin then a lot of women (including me). The photos grab your attention and even ones where Jes is shot topless are captivating rather then nauseating.

Jes proves a point, that has been lost in media and what has become at times a twisted and sick idea of what is beautiful isn’t necessarily true.

BuzzFeed captured some great experts from Jes‘ letter, which can be checked out here, along with more photos.

For the complete letter, click here.

AF Single

5 thoughts on “Big is Beautiful

  1. I think Media has it all wrong…….being big from being healthy, athletic and muscular can give a man or a woman a lot of confidence and strength. UnHealthy is Not attractive. Too Much of anything can make beautiful seem too extreme, thinness, muscles or fat.

    1. You are very right, everything is better in moderation and healthy is key. Self-Confidence can also make for a very beautiful person, a lot has to do with how you carry yourself. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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