Life has been… busy, to say the very least. It has been eventful, exciting and relaxing. It’s contained just about everything, except writing.

With over eight hours a day spent sitting at a computer, completing data entry, creating documents, reviewing emails, etc. my body struggles to find the energy to sit down and write. It usually has just enough energy to climb into the shower, make something for dinner and plop down on the couch, with the occasional run sprinkled in (come to think of, maybe that’s what I am so tired come the end of the day).

None-the-less, I think I have finally fully adjusted to my earlier work schedule and look forward to regularly working in time to post and update. Slowly, I plan on making my come back.

A short and sweet post, but, I can assure you two post are currently in the pipeline, one of which will probably make up for the abruptness here.

Hopefully you guys are still hanging in there with me; I know it has been a (confusing) ride. We have had spikes of constant content and lulls of dry spells. Here’s to the success and improvement to come!

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