I just watched a lot of the Shaytards and Shayloss this summer, per usual, but this time there was something different. I felt more of an emotional connection watching Shay and Mommytard complete their marathon and half marathon. I found myself cheering on Shay, from my bedroom, when he rode in the bike race. Something had changed and suddenly, I found myself wanting to be a part of that great feeling, I want people to be proud of me but most of all, I wanted to be better.

Running Shoes

So in early June, I pulled out the running shoes I bought two years earlier and hadn’t really touched since and put them on.  Since buying them for ten bucks at WalMart, I only took them for a spin once… not even half a mile jog down the street, which left me feeling dead.

This time was different though, I wanted this, I wanted to be able to get at least a mile comfortably under my belt.

I started small, from June through the beginning of August, I had put 38.6 miles on my finally broken in running shoes. I had slowly pushed from half a mile to a mile, then before I knew it I was running to the playground down the street, putting a mile and half comfortably under my belt. Eventually I was able to push through two miles and ran the complete distance of a 5k – twice. I was proud, beaming and it was all my little secret.

I still saw, and at times see, myself as a shitty, out-of-shape, terrible runner. I didn’t want people to know that I could barely run for 30 minutes. I was still just, secretly, getting ready for the 5k I hadn’t signed up for.

Then it happened. I was working on processing some terminations at work when my Outlook notification went off with a new message about the Navy Federal 5k, the 5k in October which they would pay for me to do?! COUNT ME IN.

A few days later I signed up & my secret was out.

Just signed up for my first 5k! Time to get ready for the Navy Federal 5k in October!

– August 8


I started “training” the next day, getting ready to successfully run 3.2 miles with out feeling like death at the end.

It has been a long journey since. I remember being ecstatic when I was finally able to push past two miles, bragging about how far down the road and into other neighborhoods I had gone. I was feeling great and even starting to maybe, kind of, enjoy running.

One day I came home, I had run the three days prior and was just tired from work.

I think I am going to take today off,” I told Jared, “you know, run for a few days and rest… I was going to go today, but I don’t feel like it, so it can be my rest day.

He just looked at me, rolling his eyes, and told me that I could do what I wanted to do, but “what did Shay say about the end of week one? You have to push through the wall and keep going, but it’s up to you.”

I pulled on my gym shorts, laced up my shoes and headed out.

Going the Distance

By mid-September it was time to retire my trusty running shoes. I had been training for three weeks and put 43.2 miles on them (a total of 81.8 since June), needless to say they got good use and I got my monies worth.

Now here we, just about a week until my first 5k.

I have gone from barely being able to 30 minutes to running for just under two hours and not knowing where the time had gone. I have gone from being out-of-breath, ready to collapse, prepared to throw in the towel for good after each run to feeling amazing after an eight mile run, feeling rested and ready for round two after a brief cool down… Here I am quite possibly actually liking running.


The Navy Federal 5k will be Saturday, October 5, 2013. The run will start at 9 am and you can (supposedly) follow my progress by following my Twitter account that day.

 Comment below, Tweet or message me if you will be walking, running or cheering at the Navy Federal 5k in Vienna, VA Saturday, October 5, 2013!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter & now Facebook for all my training updates!

Oh yeah, I made a new horse friend too… I call him Epona.

"Epona" and Me


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