Life’s been busy, work has been life consuming.

As winter rolled in, temperatures dropped regularly below 60 degrees and the bitter chill of winter blew in, running went to the wayside.

In October I found a new “love,” a new obsession, in October I discovered roller derby.

October 3 marked my first day in the Five 40 Roller Girls Fresh Meat clinics. Since, my Tuesdays and Thursdays have included, sweat, skates, pads and an oval shaped track. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

November my best friend turned seven and we celebrated with family. A week later, Caden, my “nephew,” turned six and picked me to go into the Ticket Blaster at Chuck E. Cheese.

Marget's Birthday

Caden Birthday ticket blaster

December has marked the preparation for the holidays, it’s come in with full force complete with bitter low highs forcasted, sleet, ice and “snow.”

As 2013 quickly comes to an end, I’m busy processing all the year end terms, struggling to nail my t-stops, 180’s and well, basically everything in preparation for my roller derby assessments, and will be looking forward to attempting to get back on schedule here.

If all goes well, look forward to Wednesday post… even if they are only short ones.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if the look & structure here changes ;)
Five 40 in the Spotsy Christmas Parade!

Five 40 in the Spotsy Christmas Parade!


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