2014/2015 Looking Back & Looking Forward

2014 was busy and passed by in a flash.

Most of the year was full of new adventures as I endured my first  season with the Five 40 Roller Girls, my first season playing roller derby.  I jumped out of a plane with my best friend and headed out on a zip line tour with Jared. While jumping into new adventures with close friends, I skated into more adventures with new friends. My Dad got married & I got sisters.

I decided that I was ready to move on to bigger and better things, in terms of where I live at least, and took the plunge into listing Pepper Tree on the market. I’ve stuck it out at my job & found new way to get there.

Looking into 2015, more changes will be coming. With any luck, Pepper Tree will become home for someone new and I will move on to a new home owning adventure. I have started my second season of roller derby & became the inter-league coordinator for Five 40. My best friend and her family will be packing up and moving up north. Not to mention all the other adventures that are sure to come.

Heading into 2015, I have the following goals

  1. Spend as much time doing things with Ashley & her family before they move. My goal is to embark on at least one adventure or journey a month before they pack up and head off in August.
  2. Clean my car windshield and keep it clean… also, get my oil changed regularly (both things I should do now).
  3. Write more, because lets be honest 2014 was not a good writing year for me.
  4. Learn something. I haven’t decided what yet, but the internet is a wonderful place, I want to continue my education without going back to school and burring myself in more student debt. If I can’t figure out something to learn, I’ll learn SharePoint, this way I wont be passed up for great job opportunities.
  5. Save more money.
  6. Try at least one new recipe a month (cause in the end, that’s only 12 recipes).
  7. And last (for now), but not least, continue to work to improve me – physically, mentally, financially, etc.

Here is to a new year and to new beginnings, to new adventures and new memories.

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