#tbt – The Butterfly Effect – Summer 2010

She sat thinking about how much this place had changed, about how everyone had grown-up, grown apart and grown dumb. Nothing had changed, but at the same time, everything had.

This place just didn’t have the same feel to it anymore, too much had changed.

The slightest ripple in time can change anything – everything.

“The slightest ripple in time did change everything,” she thought.

Rewind to a little over a month ago, watch her smile and laugh sitting in the same spot she does today.

She offers a friendly wave as you walk by; she looks up and smiles at you making the best effort she can without tearing the earbuds from her ears. You don’t even smile. All these years, just for it to be this way.

“What happened to everything, everything we had ever said, all the memories we ever had. Whatever happened to all the secrets told, all the moments that there was no one else there and I was the only one that would listen?”

“No matter how much I ever hated the person that you’d become or the things that you had done,” she thought to her self as a cool breeze brought the memories rolling back in. “I was always there…”

You step on a bug somewhere and you change fate. She had never expected it to turn out this way. She had never thought that one fowl word, one terrible experience, would mean that she threw it all away.

But maybe she didn’t really care, maybe her brain and her heart were just confused. Hit PLAY on today and still nothing has been said, only minimal efforts have been made.

The sand has not only gotten in-between their toes and scattered throughout their clothes, but had become the grit that kept their friendship apart.

As the soft somber sounds filled her head, she took a deep breath, looked off beyond what anyone could see and wished that she could see you sitting there.

It was the truth that she had failed to admit, it was the reality behind the face she put on everyday. The truth is, that she really cared.

“The truth is that I can accept the face we have grown apart. I can accept the face that we have gone our separate ways,” her mind brought her back to this day just four years ago. “But, just because I can accepted it doesn’t mean I don’t care. Just because I can accept it, doesn’t mean I am happy, or that I like it… Maybe I don’t accept it, maybe I simply try and deal with it.”

A young girl walked out, she suddenly burst into dance and song as her friends giggled and Mom said, “Okay, let’s get into the car.”

She looked up, smiled and thought, “I miss that.”

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