2020 Goals or something like that

CROSS POST with YMTL blog!

  • Love myself
  • Actively and openly address my mental health
  • Wake up for work on time, every day – maybe wake up earlier on the weekends, maybe
  • Put my health 1st – actually schedule doctors appointments, stop stressing about the impact taking time off work for my health will have on my work (but still be smart with scheduling), communicate with my doctors before things get too bad
  • Fit into Christmas sweaters by Thanksgiving (other clothes sooner would be cool too)
  • Write more
  • Keep going to the gym/working out regularly (for measurements sake – at lease 3 days/week) – continue my Getting My Body Back journey
  • Discover new things that bring me joy

Also from the Crisis Text Line here are a few more I like:

  • Go to therapy
  • Step out of my comfort zone
  • Keep learning (and unlearning)
  • Actively listen to others and spread empathy
  • Prioritize my mental and physical well being

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