Hi. My name is Heather Gioia [pronounced joy-a].

hmgI am an aspiring journalist, who graduated from George Mason University [Go Patriots!] in 2011 and landed a job in Human Resources sortly after.

I like to talk a lot and start up a lot of projects that I will never stay on top of – heads up, this is probably one of them.

When I was younger, I realized I sucked at playing music no matter how much I practiced. But, I knew I was a good writer. So I just decided to started writing about music instead. If you have a taste for metal music you can check out The Mosh Pit – yet another project I started.

Despite The Mosh Pit and all of the other projects I have started, I just wanted a place to write freely about anything and everything I might want to – this will be the place.

About a year ago I started the oohgioia vlogs were I captured various parts of different days. This will be my version of a spinoff of a pervious failed project; fingers crossed this one works.

I have free lanced for different news papers in the local area and even used to review CDs for Music-Reviewer.com (before it went under). You can check out some of the work I have done HERE.

If you have a demo, band, person, show, etc. that you want written about that doesn’t fit on The Mosh Pit – let me know and we’ll see how we can make it work on here, I promise you I will give it an honest review.

Here is to a successful project. Cheers & welcome!

Please feel free to contact me at oohgioia@gmail.com


16 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thanks for the follow, impressed with Lesley post, nicely done. I see you do some new music posting. I love to listen to new stuff as well and do some posting. I look forward to those posts for sure.

    • Thanks for the comment :) I found your blog through Lesley and when I saw your blog title I had to check it out. I used to live everyday in chucks. I actually had a pair that I wore so long that my feet had ripped them to keep fitting in them.

      I read some of your mom journeys. They sound amazing. You live a bring, colorful, loving life and have such a great heart. You, and so many of the other blogging moms, restore my faith that there are great parents out there :) I hope when the day comes that I have my own bundle of joy that I can be as amazing as you all are.

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