Short Story: The river of dread

The river of dread overcame me, like the dam keeping it back couldn’t hold any longer and the river had to pass through. The river was littered, those upstream didn’t seem to care and so down came their trash. The unwanted goods.  It is beside me how they were able to get depression, anxiety and […]

The In-between Size Struggle

It has been about seven years since I wrote about a girl named Jes’ challenge on advertising, specifically calling out Abacrombi & Fitch. In that time I admittedly eased back into not noticing what size models were or really focusing on the impact that all these extra thin models might be having on, well, on […]


As she stepped out of the chair, it was a new her, a new woman’s reflection which stared back at her. From long locks of hair to a rough pixie cut. The change was drastic. It was what she needed. It was the first change in a series of changes that she needed. Later that […]

Big is Beautiful

I can’t remember the last time I saw an advertisement displaying a beautiful large strong female… or any large female for that fact. Thinking back to walking past the stores dedicated to these women, I don’t recall a single image showing how fabulous the clothing looks on them, just glitzy signs letting me know they carry larger sizes. […]

Secret Santa brings Hope to the East Coast

I was listing to the radio the other morning when a the reported on a miraculous man traveling trough the beaten and tattered areas of New York and New Jersey. This man’s generosity is beyond lengths of belief, this man’s kind heart changed the lives of others. This Secret Santa from Kansas City made his way to people in […]

Christmas Challenge – Year Two

Its that wonderful time of the year again. That time of the year when Christmas lights keep neighborhoods lit until late into the evening. That time of year when everyone (well almost everyone) seems to have a tad more cheer then any other time of the year. It is Christmas time again. With all of […]

November 6, 2012

As I am sure the greater majority of the world knows – it is Election Day. The day the months of ads, the battling, debating, trash talking and promise making all comes down to. If you are 18 years old or older and an American citizen, I highly encourage you to get out and vote. […]