Kudos to Heather!

I apologize in advance for quite possibly sounding cocky – Having had been in the customer service industry for just about all of my working life I tend to pride myself on my customer service skills. In my time in the industry I held many jobs, more jobs then I can count on both my […]

A My City is Rome New Years Eve?

My boss is not the type to really care what you have going on in your life. On the rare once a month occasion she may pretend and at the very least about once a week – or at least prior to the holidays – will wish you on your merry way. My boss typically […]

Christmas Donut… fail?

In the spirit of Christmas and all of the holiday giving going on in the office, I figured today was my day  to bring in a surprise, cause lord knows the longer I wait the less likely it becomes that people will actually be there to enjoy. So this morning my alarm went off early, […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As Christmas is only a few days away it seems the Christmas spirit is sweeping everyone off their feet. The Kmart Secret Santa’s have upped their game – a record breaking donation was made at a DC area Kmart where nearly $20k worth of children’s toys and clothing that were on layaway were paid off […]

Just another day at the office

Co-worker: “Gioia! You can’t say ‘BAM’ your white!” Me:  “What are you talking about I’m not white!” Co-worker: “Italian. White. They are the same thing in my book.” Me: “Fine, I’ll say ‘WHAM!’ That’s gotta be white right? I mean it starts with a ‘w’ just like white.”