A My City is Rome New Years Eve?

My boss is not the type to really care what you have going on in your life. On the rare once a month occasion she may pretend and at the very least about once a week – or at least prior to the holidays – will wish you on your merry way. My boss typically […]

A Brutal Christmas

You know that scene in Fight Club, when Edward Norton walks into the office all bruised and tattered? When everyone looks at him not quite knowing what he has done or has happened to him, when he holds that sense of pride striking fear in each co-worker? That’s how I feel today. This morning I […]


Checked the site stats today; The Mosh Pit has exactly 4,000 more views than oohgioia. I cannot believe that many people have viewed anything that I have done (online). Here’s hoping they were impressed or at least enjoyed & to another 4,000 more views on both sites.

Recap: First Friday Show Recap

From Nothing We Conquer, who played Friday night, announced the departure of one of their guitarist early Wednesday morning. If you recall the show on Friday, Nov. 11 — From Nothing We Conquer was faced with a few stage struggles as a guitarist dropped out during their last song. Shortly after Anthony Armesto, vocalist, thanked […]

First Friday Show Recap

The show Friday night was… interesting, or as a good friend of mine would put it, “Interesting like ‘That’s an interesting sweater’ interesting.” KC’s Music Alley its self is an ‘interesting’ little spot. Located in “Old Town” Fredericksburg, Va. KC’s is right next door to two tattoo shops and an unknown car dealership, a forth […]


FFP!! I feel like we should celebrate! And celebrate we will – Tonight at KC’s Music Alley in Old Town Fredericksburg. If you are in the area come on out for a good time, watch some kick ass bands and maybe even have a drink (if you are of age). Doors will open at 7:30 […]