The In-between Size Struggle

It has been about seven years since I wrote about a girl named Jes’ challenge on advertising, specifically calling out Abacrombi & Fitch. In that time I admittedly eased back into not noticing what size models were or really focusing on the impact that all these extra thin models might be having on, well, on […]


I had a weird dream last night. I was at your house, in some room watching someone I knew in college being extra cute with their kid. Snap after snap. I was waiting to see if you were driving us to go get a gift or if I was going home. I was tired of […]

Your Mind Tells Lies

So, I have started a new blog, another project. This one is different though, it hits really close to home. If you want to check it out, you can access my newest blog, Your Mind Tells Lies, here. Hope to see you there!

#tbt – The Butterfly Effect – Summer 2010

She sat thinking about how much this place had changed, about how everyone had grown-up, grown apart and grown dumb. Nothing had changed, but at the same time, everything had. This place just didn’t have the same feel to it anymore, too much had changed. The slightest ripple in time can change anything – everything. […]

Sad Stories

Everyone has a sad story. It is part of what keeps us alive, makes us real. Some stories are more tragic than others. Some include more pain, more tears, more loss and more sorrow. But, in the end is it a competition to see who’s past included more pain? No, it is the recognition of […]


Slowly it felt like everything was slipping away; like control was being lost, like she was loosing everything. In August her best friend had left for a new adventure of her own. Off to try her hand at living outside of their “hometown.” Off to begin the next chapter with her little family. The New […]

#tbt Untitled – Jan. 01, 2010

And she was right, let down was ultimately a part of her daily routine. Maybe that was what she thrived on; the excitement, the build up, all to be followed by the let down – a strange hurt. Maybe it was her high. This time was different though. Let down did not mean game over […]