Our Final Chapter

Just because something was, does not mean it always will be. Sometimes, the things we think we know, are far from the truth. I know I was happy, but I also know now that I thought I was a lot happier than I really was. By, my points of reference – at the time – […]

10 years

10 years ago I was 16, loud, weird, confident and fairly free-spirited. I was happy and had it all figured out. For years, I knew I would grow up, become a journalist, move to New York City and write for The New York Times. That was the plan. I imagined I would have a cool apartment and […]


The last few months have had their ups and their downs. I’ve gotten some great news and even more crummy news. I got to spend some great afternoons & evenings with my best friend and then watched her head off on her next chapter of life. I have regretted the things I didn’t do and […]

Roller Derby

As the cool winds of fall and winter blew in and the warm breeze of summer began to fade, I traded in my running shoes for a set of quad roller skates. I first ventured to roller derby out of curiosity, I end up there because I wanted to stay active during the winter and […]

What’s Next?

Life’s been busy, work has been life consuming. As winter rolled in, temperatures dropped regularly below 60 degrees and the bitter chill of winter blew in, running went to the wayside. In October I found a new “love,” a new obsession, in October I discovered roller derby. October 3 marked my first day in the […]