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Learn more about the idea for my Goals page HERE.

Oohgioia blog goals

  • Update at least three days a week with a minimum of one post a day (i.e. three post a week min)
  • Unless something EXTREMELY exciting happens, take weekends off
  • Write down post ideas in a notebook that I will carry with me (almost) at all times

Personal goals

  • Obtain a real big girl job
  • After job is obtained, buy a house
  • Move somewhere “new” by June
  • Pay all of my bills on time for two months in a row, then three, then four and such forth (until I forget, at which point I will start over again)
  • Save enough money to cover all of my expenses for three months
  • Try two new recipes a month, even if it is just something I come up with while standing in the kitchen. Trying more is fine too.
  • Spend time with friends – hang out with at least one friend a month for 30 minutes. Longer time frames or a larger quantity of friends is fine too.
  • Only bring up to Jared buying me “The Ring” once a month (I might skew my chances otherwise)
  • No more bitching just for the sake of bitching, focus on the good – become optimistic again
  • Lets get physical, physical! Do (aprox.) 30 minutes of yoga every morning, Monday through Friday
*This page will be updated as I add more goals; last updated Jan. 16, 2012

7 thoughts on “Goals

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  2. We have so many similar goals! Where are you thinking of buying a house? I can’t wait to move to our next (and hopefully last for a while) city and I realllllllllly want a house within a year of moving there.

    I would also like to hear more about “the ring” ;)

    • I am looking at the Stafford area, it will be a nice change from Woodbridge, but not to far from home or work. Damn real jobs linking you to one location, ha. One day though my goal is to own, or at least rent, a house in Cali. Where do you think you guys are going to settle?

      With all the engagements & weddings in the last year and coming up this year I have brought it up a few times and showed him rings I am in love with, ha. We actually talked about a wedding like twice & I even suggested a Legend of Zelda wedding. I am giving the bugging about it a break though, I am hoping that other people’s actions will rub off on him or his friends will convince him he should (his band has kind of hinted at it, or at least the girlfriends have… I totally love rings within our budget). I’ll be sure to keep you posted :)

  3. Stafford sounds perfect, not too close, not too far. Where in Cali are you interested in? I loveeeeeeeeee San Francisco but it would be a million dollars to ever own anything, lol. I’m really REALLY hoping that I can finally settle down (I have a problem with moving every year..) in North Carolina, that way we’re close enough to home but still far enough away. We’re planning on Asheville because it’s a little hippie down which is exactly what I want, and the mountains would be beautiful (although I’m not looking forward to real winters again).
    You guys would have the most fun wedding in the world, lol. You should check out http://offbeatbride.com/ if you haven’t already, they have a ton of awesome video game ideas and lots of different kinds of weddings!

    • Oh, when you make the move we will have to come visit. NC looks so beautiful, if work was not in Arlington I might look at buying there — it would be a great spot between mom and dad (assuming Mom still moves). I have no idea where in Cali, just somewhere. I am leaning towards Venice Beach, a lot of the YouTuber’s Jared and I watch are out there; my goal would be come to just bump into on of them &/or end up on an episode of California On, ha.

      I’ll check that site out, I have a lot of ideas and already picked out the shoes I want, haha they will dictate the dress, I’ll Facebook you a link to them :) Thanks for the link. Your wedding is going to be awesome to, I have already gotten all excited about your engagement photos, I can only imagine how great the ones from the big day will be (I envision a wall with artsy wedding photos in your future home).

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