Mom, two children injured in accident

It had been a special weekend, my Mom’s sister and her husband, my Aunt and Uncle, were in town visiting. We planned on spending Saturday out treasure hunting at old Civil War locations and we did. I remember going to a family friend’s house down south, pacing their yard, waving the metal detector back and […]

Secret Santa brings Hope to the East Coast

I was listing to the radio the other morning when a the reported on a miraculous man traveling trough the beaten and tattered areas of New York and New Jersey. This man’s generosity is beyond lengths of belief, this man’s kind heart changed the lives of others. This Secret Santa from Kansas City made his way to people in […]

The Wedding of the Year

So if you didn’t (or even if you did) take the time before to go over and congratulate Sarah on her recent marriage, stop by now! Sarah posted the last two days about the week in Austin, Texas leading up to the big day and then a post all about the wedding & party of […]

Just be happy you have a job

One of my biggest pet peves is complaining about something that has to do with work, especially when it boils down to simply complaining about working. I am not talking about that 5 am roll-out-of-bed moan, “I just don’t want to go to work today,” that whoever is still in bed is lucky enough to […]

Christmas Donut… fail?

In the spirit of Christmas and all of the holiday giving going on in the office, I figured today was my day  to bring in a surprise, cause lord knows the longer I wait the less likely it becomes that people will actually be there to enjoy. So this morning my alarm went off early, […]

Thanksgiving Rant

It seems to be a great debate that comes up around this time every year – is it okay to start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving? It honestly baffles me that in September while shopping for Halloween decorations that the Christmas lights where already on the shelves. I can almost understand retail putting everything out […]