Six Floors & Love

To wrap up the summer, which had been over taken by the cost of home improvements & hours upon hours of work, it was time for a day trip & sleep over. A day taken off work, my smallest best friend at my side and an adventure ahead of us – Margaret and I were off. Soon […]


I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I hope you can forgive me… again. -gioia

The things I learned before turning 23

Who would have known that my last weekend being 22 would provide so many great life lessons? Of course by ‘so many’ I simply mean like two or three, but never the less they are all important ones. Lesson 1 – Lead paint; while scrapping lead paint face masks are not needed                 Me: since […]

So you think you got what it takes?

My City is Rome, local Northern Virginia metal band, announced Sunday afternoon they are searching for a new vocalist. No official word has come out from the band as to what happened with old singer, Pat, but let’s skip the speculation and drama and jump straight to wishing him good luck in his future adventures […]

The Power of a Thank You

I grew up in a family where Thank Yous, specifically cards, were very important, especially around big holidays/events like Christmas. They were so important to some of my extended family members that if they sent you a Christmas gift and you did not send them a Thank You note back — well you no longer […]

Just be happy you have a job

One of my biggest pet peves is complaining about something that has to do with work, especially when it boils down to simply complaining about working. I am not talking about that 5 am roll-out-of-bed moan, “I just don’t want to go to work today,” that whoever is still in bed is lucky enough to […]

Operation Santa

Remember Christmas morning when you were 10? Waking up at the crack of dawn and running out to see what Santa had left you under the tree? Remember the excitement of wondering what was inside the box, perfectly wrapped in shinny paper with a tag that read “Merry Christmas From: Santa.” Remember the joy and […]