Why Hello,

Life has been… busy, to say the very least. It has been eventful, exciting and relaxing. It’s contained just about everything, except writing. With over eight hours a day spent sitting at a computer, completing data entry, creating documents, reviewing emails, etc. my body struggles to find the energy to sit down and write. It […]


I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I hope you can forgive me… again. -gioia

The things I learned before turning 23

Who would have known that my last weekend being 22 would provide so many great life lessons? Of course by ‘so many’ I simply mean like two or three, but never the less they are all important ones. Lesson 1 – Lead paint; while scrapping lead paint face masks are not needed                 Me: since […]

The Wedding of the Year

So if you didn’t (or even if you did) take the time before to go over and congratulate Sarah on her recent marriage, stop by now! Sarah posted the last two days about the week in Austin, Texas leading up to the big day and then a post all about the wedding & party of […]

A My City is Rome New Years Eve?

My boss is not the type to really care what you have going on in your life. On the rare once a month occasion she may pretend and at the very least about once a week – or at least prior to the holidays – will wish you on your merry way. My boss typically […]

First Friday Show Recap

The show Friday night was… interesting, or as a good friend of mine would put it, “Interesting like ‘That’s an interesting sweater’ interesting.” KC’s Music Alley its self is an ‘interesting’ little spot. Located in “Old Town” Fredericksburg, Va. KC’s is right next door to two tattoo shops and an unknown car dealership, a forth […]