As she stepped out of the chair, it was a new her, a new woman’s reflection which stared back at her. From long locks of hair to a rough pixie cut. The change was drastic. It was what she needed. It was the first change in a series of changes that she needed. Later that […]

Why Hello,

Life has been… busy, to say the very least. It has been eventful, exciting and relaxing. It’s contained just about everything, except writing. With over eight hours a day spent sitting at a computer, completing data entry, creating documents, reviewing emails, etc. my body struggles to find the energy to sit down and write. It […]

One Year

It still feels like just the other day I rolled out of bed full of excitement as my journey to home-ownership came to an end. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I signed all the papers and packed the moving van. That its been a year since we moved everything down, since Wes road in […]

I swear to God, I didn’t die… or give up.

Dear Internet, It has been awhile; enough time for you to grow, get married, have kids and see them off to college… or something like that. These past two months poses more obstacles, projects and “events” then I had ever anticipated causing my disappearance from oohgioia. My fingers are crossed that I can come back […]

My bad…

I’m terrible this week internet and I do apologize for that. See you have to understand, these past two weeks have been busier and more exciting then you could imagine and way more exciting than my blog entails. In the rush of getting all of my new hire paper work in on time and keeping […]


There are some stories that take a lot of courage for anyone to tell – I for example have my own – this 18 year old boy has the courage and wisdom beyond his years. Ben Breedlove has struggled since about the age of 13 months old with a life-threatening heart condition. Before Christmas Ben […]