I can still see the yellow-ish orange haze of light when I close my eyes, the bookshelf dividing the room. It was December 31 and I was seventeen. Hours before I had been standing in the dining room of the guy I had been dating’s house, watching him across the room with his new girlfriend, […]

Holiday Recap (a few months late)

It was a long and joyous season, my first Christmas season in my house, my new home. Thanksgiving day Jared & I picked out our first Christmas tree. That night, after all the dinners were eaten , we set it up. The holiday season was different then it ever has been before. For the first […]

How I rang in 2011

365 days ago this is what I was doing. I was stuck at work, tending to a hotel bar that well… was not as crowed as you might think… ps. in December 2010 oohgioia or then Heather Gioia obtained a grand total of 8 views, as this year closes December 2011 has obtained 605 views […]

Last breakfast of 2011

For Christmas, along with my Crock Pot my Mom got me a waffle maker; so with the last day of the year upon us I figured what better time to pull it out and give it a try? I got up at 10am and began to get everything ready, I dug out the waffle maker […]

A My City is Rome New Years Eve?

My boss is not the type to really care what you have going on in your life. On the rare once a month occasion she may pretend and at the very least about once a week – or at least prior to the holidays – will wish you on your merry way. My boss typically […]