Grown-Up Consequences [Part 2]

So there I sat, it was mid-April or early May. I was a mere few weeks away from hopefully closing on my house and closing in on nearly three months “officially” on the job, and there I sat, huddled into a cube with Sheryl, ready to take any Service Center calls that might come in, […]

The things I learned before turning 23

Who would have known that my last weekend being 22 would provide so many great life lessons? Of course by ‘so many’ I simply mean like two or three, but never the less they are all important ones. Lesson 1 – Lead paint; while scrapping lead paint face masks are not needed                 Me: since […]

I swear to God, I didn’t die… or give up.

Dear Internet, It has been awhile; enough time for you to grow, get married, have kids and see them off to college… or something like that. These past two months poses more obstacles, projects and “events” then I had ever anticipated causing my disappearance from oohgioia. My fingers are crossed that I can come back […]

My bad…

I’m terrible this week internet and I do apologize for that. See you have to understand, these past two weeks have been busier and more exciting then you could imagine and way more exciting than my blog entails. In the rush of getting all of my new hire paper work in on time and keeping […]

oohgioia fact #2 – Work

So my boss told me today, post a general meeting between herself, me and two other associates, to “stay after class.” A shiver ran down my spine and my stomach churned not quite being sure what she may want to say to me – just me. ohgioia fact # 2 (aka random fact six from […]

Just be happy you have a job

One of my biggest pet peves is complaining about something that has to do with work, especially when it boils down to simply complaining about working. I am not talking about that 5 am roll-out-of-bed moan, “I just don’t want to go to work today,” that whoever is still in bed is lucky enough to […]

Rosy Red Glasses

Perspective. The way we look at things every day is important. It can turn your worst day around, but this time of year it almost seems extra important to make sure you maintain a positive and grateful perspective. It also seems timely that I post this now, at the beginning of the Christmas season so […]